Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pots Bazaar

Pots Bazaar

Species seen:
  • Agrionoptera sexlineata
  • Brachydiplax chalybea
  • Camacinia gigantea (uncomfirmed)
  • Neurothemis flactuans
  • Orthetrum chrysis
  • Orthetrum sabina
  • Trithemis aurora

  • Gomphidae
  • Ictinogomphus decoratus

  • Zygoptera--Damselflies
  • Archibasis Viola
  • Pseudagrion microcephalum

  • Platystictidae
  • Drepanostica quadrata

  • Calopterygidae
  • Vestalis amoena/Vestalis amethystina

  • Chlorocyphidae
  • Libellago aurantiaca (uncomfirmed)
  • Well, we actually went out yesterday since there was sunny weather. Pots Bazaar has a forest habitat, as you might have guessed. Other than the above Odonata, we also saw some leaf beetles, stick insects, assasin bugs, tree hoppers, and others.

    We saw both the female and the male of Agrionoptera sexlineata, which is a lifer for me. The female has a orange stripe in place of the brilliant red/blue stripe the male has. We saw both at the same spot, on a twig.

    We also observed some red Libellulids flying circling over a branch in the water. Because it was very far from where we stood, we could not determine if it was the Neurothemis flactuans or the Camacinia gigantea. The latter has a straight cut on the coloring of its hind wings while the first has a curved cut. However, the individuals were about the same size as an Orthetrum chrysis perching nearby.
    We also saw the red Libellulids chasing away several Orthetrum chrysis.

    While we were walking, we met several cyclists, although cycling is not allowed in the Nature Reserves. This will damage the habitats, as we saw when the cyclists bashed through one of the streams, disturbing the fishes and swirling up the sediments of the stream bed.

    Since there are exams lately, I will not post a lot as I need to spend my weekends studying!
    So that's all for now, bye(: