Sunday, June 8, 2008


Species seen:
  • Aethriamantis gracillis
  • Brachythemis contaminata
  • Orthetrum sabina
  • Potomarcha congener
  • Trithemis aurora
  • Trithemis festiva

  • Gomphidae
  • Ictinogomphus decoratus

  • Zygoptera--Damselflies
  • Pseudagrion microcephallum

  • Chlorocyphidae
  • Rhinocypha biforata

  • Its the holidays again, and this June, my parents decided to bring us on a small trip to Malaysia for two days. There is a fruit farm in Kota Tinggi belonging to several Singaporean uncles whom we know, and we used to visit regularly. Since we haven't been there in a long while, we decided to go look up the uncles. There are dogs, cats and chickens in the farm (which live peacefully together).
    There is a pond where the uncle, 陈伯伯, tried to plant water lilies once but failed. It is a rather muddy pond with shrimps and fishes. There are also several odonata around.
    We also went to Panti Forest opposite the farm, and there are some freshwater streams there, where we saw the Rhinocypha biforata, both the female and the male. Rhinocypha biforata is also from the family that is from the same family as the Libellago species are from. We also met some people from Singapore, observing moths.

    Back at the farm, there was also a dead bat... and baby cats! For pictures:, one of the previous posts. (:
    It was a really relaxing trip in all!