Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chestnut Marsh

Site: Chestnut Marsh
Species list: 

  • Crocothemis cervilia
  • Diplacodes trivialis
  • Ictinogomphus decoratus
  • Indothemis limbata
  • Nanophyea pygmea
  • Orthetrum Sabina
  • Orthetrum testaceum
  • Pantala flavescens
  • Rhyothemis phyllis phyllis
  • Ceriagrion cerinorubellum
  • Pseudagrion microcephallum

Weather: Perfect! Sun - 100%; Cloud - 0%
Time: 0845 - 0945

Chestnut Marsh is a shallow and open water body. Clear water with a muddy substrate - some vegetation growing within the marsh in the form of large patches of reeds in the middle of the area, and the banks that we accessed the area by were covered with ferns and pitcher plants.

Upon bashing into the growth on the bank we found hordes of Nanophyea pygmea (Scarlet Dwarf). These little guys are really amazingly good-looking! I never tire of observing them. Its probably something about the size - they seem too miniature to be quite real. Yet real they are, there were little red specks every few centimeters and also some tiny yellows (the females). I've gone for too long without seeing these little guys and it was good to see them again in such abundance. Rarely do we find them congregating in such numbers though! It felt quite as though we'd walked into Lilliputia.

Some interesting marsh species here! A pity we couldn't access the area from the other parts of the perimeter as the opposite banks had much denser growth; and the substrate of the marsh was too soft to be walked on..

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